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UK Personal & Business
Full-Reserve Neo Banking

Secure and easy to use banking with next-to-zero fees
full privacy in your hands!

FSCS account protection up to £85,000 — personal
credit cards with lines of credit for business accounts.

CashCrossBorders, a safe and sustainable full-reserve neo banking service
without the risks and vulnerabilities of legacy
fractional-reserve banking.

Full-Reserve Banking
FDIC Insured Accounts
24/7 Customer Support
Privacy Control
Cash-back Rewards
Next-to-zero Fees
No Monthly Fees
No Minimum Balance
No Hidden WTF Fees
No Attitude

built for you

CashCrossBorders is a borderless Lifestyle Banking App — one-stop financial mobile app that makes it easy for immigrants, digital nomads and entrepreneurs to do their banking in the UK.

The CashCrossBorders tailored fintech tools and multilingual customer-centric services will ensure that people can seamlessly manage their global financial lives and enjoy the extra money saved by cutting bank fees.

Easy and free to download and open an account — no monthly fees, no minimum balance, easy access from anywhere on any device.

Peace of mind with
full-reserve banking

CashCrossBorders is a full reserve banking business,
we do not use customer deposits for lending and or investments.

With CashCrossBorders, your money is always safe
and available for immediate withdrawal at anytime.

Does your bank practice full-reserve or fractional-reserve banking?

Use Case

LexisNexis® Risk Solutions analysis shows that around 7.1m people (one in seven, or around 14% of the adult population) in the UK fall into the definition of ‘financially excluded’, meaning they could potentially struggle to access affordable and fair financial services.

As many as 77% could be helped using alternative data solutions, meaning a further 5.7m UK adults could gain access to fairer and more affordable financial services, for the first time ever.

In the US, this approach has already been proven successful, allowing 87% of a group of previously Unscorable individuals to be effectively scored, two thirds of whom proved to be the lowest risk customers.


Power your lifestyle from anywhere

Never step foot in a bank again with easy-to-use digital banking.

Smart Personal Banking

Manage your money, pay your bills,
send money to friends and family.

Smart Business Banking

Manage your business with POS terminal
to accept payments on-the-go.

Manage your business with POS
to accept payments on-the-go.

All accounts are regulated and include 24/7 compliance management tools and
customer support.

Banking with confidence

24/7 Customer Support

Get customer support from real people,
ready to help.



With the innovation and drive of a fintech, CashCrossBorders Full Reserve Neo Banking Services is built on top of the next-generation financial technology services infrastructure with the balance and trust of our UK fully-licensed bank partners.

We have partnered with the award-winning technology financial services organizations and Banking-as-a-Service (“BaaS”) providers to offer a highly secure fully compliant (EU PSD2 and USA NIST standards) customer-centric banking service with powerful-privacy at next-to-zero fees.

CashCrossBorders is rewriting the playbook for mobile banking with a beautifully simple banking app enabling fast access to money and financial service features that reward.

Banking that Rewards for making an impact

Our customers get to decide if they want to help save the Amazon, help the less fortunate in the world, help the local community, or help the planet.

We are working with market leading partners and retailers to offer added features such as, the CashCrossBorders Lifestyle Banking App has cash-back features that enables the customer to turn their daily spending into a force for good.

The borderless mobile Lifestyle Banking App turns the cash-back received from our customers spending into charitable donations and direct them to causes important to the customer, meaning our customers can do good in the world without having to cost them a dollar.

CashCrossBorders is a inclusive seamless one-stop mobile digital banking experience that eliminates stress, time and fees — banking that rewards.

Founders comment

BULLIONBLOCK LLC is excited to announce the launch of CashCrossBorders - Full Reserve Neo Banking solution founded to personal banking service needs as well as SMEs and innovative startups.

Since pre-Covid we have been developing a full-reserve fintech neo banking business model to address the dysfunctional banking sector.

CashCrossBorders always holds 100% of customers’ deposits available for withdrawal at anytime.

Michael Haykal
Founder and CFO

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