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CashCrossBorders.com is a subsidiary of the BULLIONBLOCK LTD diversified smart-fintech group.   

CashCrossBorders.com is one of the first global virtual financial services, which, in fact, was created as a mobile financial services application from an organization that is not a bank, our digital mobile financial services and products rely on the legal system and processing support of our financial institution partners.

Our integrated digital fintech ecosystem includes mobile financial products and services, payment gateway and international remittances to service the global on-demand economy.

We are focused on end-to-end value propositions encompassing our platform for all devices, thus we leverage a diverse range of value chain strategic partnerships.

Our platform combines cutting-edge (AI, Blockchain, Digital Currency, Big Data) technology with traditional compliance.

We at BULLIONBLOCK are a proud signatory member of the HM Treasury Women In Finance Charter, and committed to gender diversity within the financial services sector.

The BULLIONBLOCK Digital Experience – is to create innovative solutions that provides equality for all through financial inclusion.

The BULLIONBLOCK Disruptive Motivation – To explore beyond the banking boundaries of familiarity, thus challenging the status quo.

To Restore True Democracy With A Decentralized Bullion Backed Cryptocurrency Production By Blockchain – Governed By The Free-Market Axiom Of Human Activity.

Our platform offers multi-mobile financial services that suit banked, unbanked and under-banked people from all walks of life. We offer an innovative digital platform developed for individuals, SME and non-profit groups.

Our customer funds are deposited instantly into their nominated recipient bank accounts and or digital wallets, or forwarded through local cash pickup providers worldwide.

  • Seamless eWallet App 
  • Transparent Service Delivery
  • Safe & Secure
  • Real Customer Service
  • Low cost Transactions
  • Real-time Transactions (Settlements take 2-5 seconds)
  • Regulatory Compliance – KYC & AML
  • Automatic integrated Live Currency Exchange with No Commissions
  • Secure and Fast bridge between most Cryptocurrencies and multi Fiat Currencies
  • Our eWallet App enables customers to Pay Remotely for Services such as utilities, taxes, fines, phone, and loans
  • We are fiercely competitive to ensure our customers always get the best deals
  • We provide free Credit Repair Services for our customers in some countries
  • Master Card Reloadable Debit Card integrated with our eWallet
  • Account Transaction History stored in your eWallet
  • Peer-to-Peer functionality and much much more

Explore the power of simpler and smarter financial technology

Its free to open an account – so join now and enjoy the cheapest available rates for instant money or digital asset transactions to your staff, suppliers, traders, friends and family worldwide – from anywhere – on your mobile phone, tablet or laptop!

→ Stay connected with our Peer-To-Peer platform, and enjoy peace of mind

→ Download our app and simplify your banking with our financial technology products and services

→ Discover quick, secure, simple and convenient ways to take command of your money

We’re here to help! If You have questions about how we can assist you please contact us today.

The Future Is Decentralized – become part of this R-Evolution!

Cash CrossBorders.com is as innovative fintech which will deliver excellence in digital financial services operated by the Blockchain technology. We build long-lasting relationships and not interested in short-sighted sales.

Work at CashCrossBorders.com

A unique innovative company that will allow you to:

→ Fully express yourself and your abilities.
→ Gain invaluable experience in a company that aknowledge the value of a gender and culturally diverse workforce.
→ To realize opportunities of personal and professional growth and to make a career.
→ Continuous learning and training – we encourage you to grow with the company.
→ Join the team Investing in future of humanity.